Policy for Member Postings on the American Legion Post 146 Website

Postings should foster camaraderie of legion members, military veterans, current active military, and the community we support. Postings shall not be political, discriminatory, derogatory, or divulge confidential or sensitive personal information about others. In addition, postings should not be self-promoting (e.g., soliciting for monetary gain, etc.). A photo may be posted with your message, however, copyrighted material will not be posted unless allowed by the owner of such copyright. A website link may also be posted with your message, provided it meets the guidelines stated above. Let’s share our information with the goal of making it a positive experience. Each posting will identify the member who is posting, and if contact is requested, should also provide an e-mail and/or telephone number for the reader. All postings should be submitted to the webmaster@legionpost146.org.

Rev 0/December 2011